Play and win money in Sic Bo games

Sic Bo is generally a dice-based game that will available on an online games website. You can play this game in the 918kiss application. This game is a very simple one to play and win cash. Initially, the game looks very complex by looking at the board. Later you will find it as one of the easiest game once you know about the pay lines and winning combinations of this game.

Know completely about the Sic Bo game.

In the sic bo game three dices are tossed up in shaker by the dealer. The players have to place bets on the outcome of these dices. The two betting options that we have to know before playing the game are small and big. These are the most popular bets on sic bo bets that are placed on the top corners of the table on either side. These bets can be decided by the dice that are rolled. If the total dice value is between four to ten then it is considered a dice and if the value is between eleven to seventeen then it is considered a big bet. If you win these bets you will be rewarded with one on one bet.

If the three dices show the same number then it is called triple and then you will lose both the small and big bets. These bets are generally used by all sic bo players from beginners to pro players. The next bet is double in this, any of the two dice from the three dices show, the same number. You can bet from one to five and the payout amoit is eight times the bet you placed. While placing a double bet you have to mention specifically the number that you want to place. You can place multiple double bets in a single spin. If you get triple then you will lose your money. The next bet is triple that is all the three dice should display the same number. You can bet on any triple starting from one to six. This triple bet is also known as the house and you will get the rewards twenty-four times to the bet that you have placed. The next bet is a combination bet that means you can get any type of combination that is displayed on the board. You will get a payout of 5:1